Song Maps Workbook (London: Great British Books, 2016)

I added the Workbook to Amazon since people might want to read it separately as an eBook. The price (99cts) is the lowest I can get it on Amazon! Note if you buy the main book you can still download a pdf version for free.



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3 thoughts on “Song Maps Workbook

  1. Man I don’t know how to thank you, your book is brilliant, O haven’t wrote I song for months cause I was in a long and terrible writers block and your map system just got rid of it. I just finished writing a GREAT song becaus of your book.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you!


  2. Excellent book Simon thank you so much. I am having a little trouble between differentiating between v2 and the bridge in tension/response. Sensing the response vs how I feel about it. Any way you could elaborate? Thank you so much.